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10 miles a day and more

The last two weeks have been an amazing mix of exhaustion, elation, and sincere gratitude. It started Tuesday with a 1o mile run and meaningful hashtag and ended this afternoon with an email from the most prestigious race for us weekend warriors. I promise I will get to all of it. But this might have been the coolest two weeks in my adult running life.


I saw a Facebook status in the last few days of August that caught my attention. It was posted by my friend Jeremy on his Facebook running page. It challenged runners to run 10 miles a day for 10 consecutive days in the month of September. I could never do the explanation of the challenge justice, so please visit Jeremy’s blog to see it. If you want to donate to the cause is  on the blog page to do that as well. Every 50 dollar donation will enter you into a raffle, whether you have taken the 10×10 Challenge or not. My experience with challenge was fun and well, challenging. One hundred miles over 10 days is no easy task. It takes delicate planning. Even if the miles are no problem for some of you experienced runners, finding the time to get the runs in can prove difficult. I mean my challenge was almost derailed by a PTA night at my daughter’s school! But I did get it done. Tuesday September the 2nd through Thursday September 11th. At the end my legs were dead, my hunny-do’s were behind, and I was cranky and tired. But all of it was worth it and I would do it again this month if I was asked to!!! The money raised through the Lucas Fund goes to the University of Virginia Hospital to help babies and families. I promise this challenge is well worth your time and a little of your money!

Racing, Racing, and more Racing

In the last two weeks I have been to 4 races. Two to watch some athletes of mine perform, one to hang out at and soak up the good vibes, and one I raced in myself. The Rock Star, a young middle school athlete I coach, has opened her season 2 for 2 in races. She has also PR’d twice and set a course record. She has put in a lot of hard work this summer and I am very happy to see it starting to pay off. She is a special athlete and a special kid! I am super proud of how far she has come and she is only going to get better. I don’t know if you hang out at races, but if you don’t you should. Even if you aren’t a racer, hanging out at a local 5k can really give you a shot in the arm of positivity! Volunteering at a race or with your local running club is a great way to meet runners and make friends I highly recommend it.  Oh yeah and I raced Saturday! I didn’t get a PR but I did have one of the most consistent races of my life. I may not be getting faster with age, but I am sure getting more consistent. Thanks Coach!  I finished third overall. It was a great morning and a fun race.

Boston Bound

On top of all this amazing stuff, I got to register for the Boston Marathon of Friday. Since then I have been a ball of nerves! But today I got the email confirming my entry into the 2015 race. This is easily the greatest athletic accomplishments of my life! I couldn’t have done it without the grace of God, the support of my awesome wife and daughter, and the backing of this amazing community! I am really looking forward to running the Boston Marathon, it has been a dream of mine for a long time.

How was your month so far? Are you taking the #ForLucas10x10 challenge? Are you running the Boston Marathon?

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