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20 Funny Race Signs

Some race signs tend to be better then others, so we picked the 20 funniest race signs we could find! Enjoy!


1. No time for Walkin!
Funny Running Signs "no time for walken" on Beast Mode Running




2. You’re running better then the government.
Funny Running Signs "You're running better then the government" on Beast Mode Running



3. Im’ bored!
Funny Running Signs "Im Bored" on Beast Mode Running



4. Take your time, we’re going shopping!
Funny Running Signs "We're going shopping" on Beast Mode Running



5. All toenails go to heaven!

Funny Running Signs "All toenails go to heaven" on Beast Mode Running


6. My legs hurt just waiting for you.
Funny Running Signs "My Legs hurt just waiting for you" on Beast Mode Running



7. Run like you’re finally gonna catch your tail!
Funny Running Signs "Run Like your chasing your tail" on Beast Mode Running

8. Smile if you peed a little.
Funny Running Signs "Smile if You Peed a Little" on Beast Mode Running

9. What does the fox say?
Funny Running Signs "What Does The Fox Say" on Beast Mode Running
10. You’re almost there!!

Funny Running Signs "That's what she said" on Beast Mode Running



11. Runners don’t die, they only smell like it.




12. When the going gets tough, you’re probably only on mile 5.



13. Mortuary 2 blocks ahead.



14. Cojones of tenacity.



15. They’re almost running out of Beer




16. This pain isn’t as bad as a kidney stone.



17. Humpty Dumpty had Wall issues too!




18. The faster you run the sooner we’ll be drunk.



19. May the course be with you!




20. On a scale of 1-10 you are a 13.1.





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