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Nathan Brown running the Boston Marathon, Boston MA

Blame it on the Alcohol

Over the last couple of years, I have made clear decisions on my future as a runner. 2 years ago I decided to take a focused approach to my training plan instead of just winging it. A year ago I went vegan for 6 months to kick start a new healthy approach to eating. I have set some big goals for myself over the next couple of years and in order to reach them I am continually looking for an edge. I have a fantastic coach who creates a diverse and challenging training plan for me. But there has been something holding me back. I am coming to terms with it, and am now ready to address it in order to take myself to the next level.

Progress is a slow process

I have been curbing my drinking slowly for the last 3-4 years. It started with my commitment to not go to bars and spend late nights out. Then about a year ago I stopped drinking during the week. (I always find an excuse to drink however. There is always unwinding from a rough Monday, taco Tuesday, post track beers on Thursday. The truth is my mid-week commitment to not drinking simply took me from 7-10 beers during the week to 3-5.) The weekends would remain untouched. I would drink as much as I wanted on Saturday or Sunday. I know it is counter-productive but I wasn’t interested in logic! I was just having fun, and hey I had earned it.

The slippery slope

It wasn’t just the weekend beer that was hindering my progress. It was the decisions made while drinking that caused the most damage. I would drink and eat, and stay up late, and eat. While drinking I do not crush a kale salad, no I had to have tacos, burgers, hot dogs, chips, and cheese. Lots and lots of processed melted cheese. I could sit here and lie and say it isn’t a self-control issue, but it is a self-control issue. And I had none. Being a weekend good time Charlie is what I like to do. But I always look back on the weekend and get disgusted with the self-sabotage of my very big goals.

The catalyst for change

I have been kicking around the idea of going cold turkey from beer for a little while. But I decided last week that I would do it for sure after listening to a podcast on Ben Greenfield fitness. Yesterday I drank all the beer in the house, which was no small feat, and prepared myself that today, Tuesday September 8th, 2015  I would put down the beer and give this a real shot.

Obligatory Before photos and challenge parameters

So here is the challenge I am putting to myself. From now until my 50 miler in November I will not drink a drop of alcohol.  I eat relatively well, when I am not drinking, so I won’t be changing my diet much any where else. I have no fancy blood work or anything like that, just a couple before photos and letting you know that I weigh 174 pounds. That is all.


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