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Green Legs, Go H.A.M (Weekend Race Recap)

St . Paddy’s day weekend is for a lot of things. You can dress like a fool, you can drink beer, and you can race. Luckily for the team of Beast Mode Running we were able to cover all three!


While we had a lot of fun this weekend as a team, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some real business to get accomplished. We had a couple of goals that needed to met; Jerry wanted a 5k PR and to place in his age group on Saturday and I wanted to run a relatively fast four miles on Sunday. Neither day went exactly as planned but, spoiler alert, both goals were met!

One thing that has to be said about both of the events we attended as a team this weekend is that they were top-notch. Both events were so well-organized and runner friendly! It was truly an amazing weekend!

March For Cancer 5k

Saturday was our designed business day. No Funny costumes, no acting a fool, just focus. We needed to get Jerry to a new 5K PR and to the podium. Jerry had the race plan all set, and I was going to pace him out. The first mile went terribly, fast. Jerry went out too fast. Like way too fast. He was cruising along and I was trying to keep up. It almost became a “who is pacing who” moment. By the middle of mile two, Jerry had steadied his pace and was no longer trying to qualify for the Olympics. He gutted out mile three and even had enough left to sprint for the finish. And wouldn’t you know it, he accomplished both goals!

photo 5

Oh and the coach still got to act like a nut!


Shamrock 4 miler

This was the inaugural running of this race and there were 2500 people there. It was a mad house. The event took place in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It was an afternoon race in 80 degree heat. It was perfect! This was the day that I had the plan,heck we all had a plan. The ladies wanted to have fun.

photo 2

Jerry wanted to show off his tattoos…

photo 4 (1)

But me, I meant business (kind of).  The goal was to run 3 and a half 6 minute miles and see where I was at. If I was near the top I would race the last half mile. If was I not I would hold at a 6 minute pace and enjoy the rest of the run. My first mile was a 5;35, and I was racing for second place. (First place opened up with a 5:10 or so and we never saw him again until the podium.) I ran hard and even out-kicked someone for second place. But I could feel my fitness failing me. 2 weeks and 65 miles of training does not a champion make. But I feel like I am in a good place. However I need to work on my podium poses.

photo 1 (3)

Overall the team had a great weekend! I couldn’t be happier and more proud! How did your running weekend go?

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