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Thought Process


There is no denying that June has been an easy month. I am itching to go fast. I am itching to go far. I am itching because I got bit by chiggers at my Aunt’s house last weekend. I am ready to move forward. It is now about that time to start training for my November half. And I am ready to run that half, fast.

The Goal

I am looking to run my upcoming race fast! I would like to run my first sub- 1:20 in the half. It is going to take some hard work and a lot of trusting in my coach. But with all the good he did with my 5k time I am not sure that either of these things will pose too much of a problem. That doesn’t mean that the goal isn’t lofty, I just have the utmost confidence in my work ethic and my coach!

Weighing In

The coolest thing about starting this training cycle is that I am actually at my goal weight. I have started my last two marathon training cycles heavy and a touch out of shape. This time I spent my down time getting my diet and weight in check. I weighed in last week at a cool 168! That is the lowest I have been since high school. Now I am not a weight loss fiend but I know that I am on target for my long term and short term goals. I am currently eating a high-carb vegetable diet and it has helped my weight loss and energy levels and I feel like I am in top notch shape heading into this training cycle.

Stupid or tough

My granddad used to tell my aunt, “If you’re going to be stupid you better learn to be tough”. I think that is my mantra for this training cycle. I am chasing a lofty time goal on a tough course in Boston this coming April, so lofty some have said I might be stupid. So during this half-marathon training I am going to teach myself to be tough. It is probably time to get a little bit of both.

What is the next big race you are training for? Do you set super lofty goals, or do you play it safe? Don’t be afraid to work real hard and fail, you may achieve more than you ever imagined!


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