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Just a 5k….Memorial day race recap

Leading up to this weekend’s race, I was nervous. I couldn’t shake it. It was the most pre-race anxiety I have felt leading up to any race in a very long time. Considering I just competed in my second marathon in February I was at an utter loss for an explanation. A well-intentioned, “hey don’t worry about it, it’s just a 5k” from the other running buddies wasn’t helping either. I finally nailed down the cause of my anxiety late Friday night. I hadn’t actually trained for a 5k in over two years. With all of my focus on the marathon since late 2012, I had not really dedicated any time to training specifically for a shorter, faster race and in all honesty I was worried I would fail. After all I do not claim to be a super human. Turns out I would be just fine.

Early bird gets the worm

I made my first mistake Sunday night. I misread the race start time and planned out my morning as if the gun was going off sharply at 7:00 a.m.  At around 6:35 I started my warm-up routine. A couple of miles with some drills, lunges, and strides mixed in. I came back to the starting line area and met up with my family just shortly before 7, then headed to the start line…by myself. No literally I was there all by myself. Sure there were some volunteers milling around making last second adjustments, the timing guys setting up the starting line and a few runners laughing and joking and starting to warm-up. I didn’t even have to ask, I knew immediately the mistake I had made. I went back to may family and got some pre-race strategy from my daughter.


Then I did the only thing I could think to do. I went out for another short warm up!


Strategy v. Reality

Again my coach and I had a great strategy. He even sent it to me in an email. It was all about control,discomfort, lack of control and vomit. I was ready to get it done. We had been training to run a 17:40 which would’ve been an eighteen second PR for me.  But I was a hundred percent convinced that a 17:30 was completely within my grasp. I went out perfectly. I felt comfortable and in control and came through at 5:28. It was perfect I wasn’t struggling and I was able to pick it up just a touch.  As I approached the second mile I thought I was dreaming. I was coming through the 2 mile marker at 10:58! I had just backed up my first mile with another  great split! I was flying high for the next quarter mile. Then I came undone a just a tad coming through mile three at 16:39. My third mile, the one I was supposed to really turn it on I had faded hard. I ran a 5:41. I salvaged a pretty good kick and finished the last .1 in under 30 sec0nds for a new 5k PR of 17:06.


The course was a touch long so my official time was 17:24, but my coach assured me that I can use my GPS time as my new PR. The 17:24 was good enough for 11th overall and 1st in my age group! I was a super proud dude!


Top Notch Event

This was another great event put on by Wild Side. Another great time for my family, some great competition and some cool medals!


And my daughter ran a mile because she is awesome!



And I got to meet Kelly from Kelcanrun!!!


Special Thanks

I would be amiss if I closed this race report without giving out a few special thank yous. First off thank you to my Heavenly Father, without whom nothing is possible!  Of course my coach Kyle, thanks man! (There have been a lot of questions as to why I need a coach if I am a coach and I will address those in a post later this week.) Thank you for pushing me to the next level and I cannot wait to continue working with you and advancing my career as a runner.  To Bio Skin for all of your support and constant encouragement! I look forward to growing our partnership! Of course my family, friends and all of you! Thank you for your support!


All photos courtesy of DigiBoh Designs and Photogaphy



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