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Mud And Guts

I have been racing since I was 15 years old. Never in all that time have I had to be transported to the starting line in the bed of  a four-wheel drive pickup. But I have now, so scratch that one of the “I’ve Nevers”. To say that I was intimidated by the idea of running a trail race, even a “short” one, would be a gross understatement. Tackling the 25k in the J.W. Corbett 25k/50k/5o mile was seriously making me nervous. But I had my running buddy Jerry with me and the view was breathtaking!

photo 4 (9)

The Race Plan

Like with every race I run I had a clear plan. Since I am on a mission for a fast road 5k on Memorial Day, the plan for the race was avoid major disaster. Coach made sure I understood the importance of the training we were putting in and that this was just a stepping stone to get to where we wanted to be. So for the majority of the race I sat in a comfortable position and just enjoyed the scenery and the company. The terrain was rugged but not treacherous, the heat was oppressive but not debilitating, and the pace up front was steady but not devastating. We all cruised together for about 11 miles when I turned up the pace for a couple of miles and ended up hanging on for the overall win! I got a cool tote bag and a beer mug!

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The Team

Since this was my buddy Jerry’s idea it is important to note that he did amazing! He also ran the 25k which was the farthest he has run ever!! He finished in the top 10 and had a blast! He also had one of the coolest finishing pictures I have ever seen!



Christian Wrecked it

I had the pleasure of hanging out with the race director for 4 hours a few weeks ago running a trail together. I will not pretend to know about trail and ultra events. But as a way to spend the majority of the day this was the best. There were well stocked aid stations, helpful volunteers, beer, pizza, and fun. IF I race on trails again, I will definitely be doing this race again! You can check out more pictures from the race on their Facebook page!

This was a wonderful running experience! I really do like nature and being out in the woods. I just prefer to run on the roads. But this was a well run event and a whole heck of a lot of fun! Do you prefer running on roads or trails?



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