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Athlete Profile

Jerry Kielian

3.1 - 26.2

Nationality :White
Date Of Birth :
Height :5'10
Weight :160
After years of inactivity I was finally able to get myself motivated enough to start working out at age 53. I had tried in the past but could never stick with it for very long. Im not sure what was different this time or if I was just ready finally. I was able to start with jumping rope. I could not jump 100 times when I started. After a couple years I had progressed to jumping for 1 to 2 hours at a time several days a week and doing a little weight lifting.
Getting bored with this one day I decided to try running. Well to say I was discouraged would be an understatement. I could not run 1/2 mile with out being completely out of breath. But because I stuck with it something amazing happened. Each time I ran it was a tiny bit easier. Coach Nate was friends with my Son and when he heard I was running he kept asking if I wanted to run with him. I was very intimidated to run with anyone else. Especially a real “runner”. After all I wasnt really a “runner”. Finally we went for a run together and Im certain his encouragement kept me going. 
As well as Coaching, Nate and his Family have become friends. With Coach Nate’s training I was able to complete my first 1/2 marathon 7 months after I started running at age 56. 2 months after that I completed my first 25K trail race. In August of 2014 I came in 1st place in my age group in a 1/2 marathon trail race in Maryland. The next month I came in 1st place in my age group in a local 5K race.
Currently Coach Nate is training me to PR my next two 1/2 marathons. And when and if I decide to run a full marathon I will hope to have Coach Nate’s expert training to get me there successfully !!