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Talking Training

Chaos, Structure, Goals, Rest

Talking Training

Well it is that time, the fall racing season is upon us. The long summer is almost over and cooler temperatures are just around the corner. That means it is time to really start buckling in and putting all that slogging through the summer heat. But how? Here are a few tips to help you get focused and get the best out of yourself in the upcoming racing season.

Ditch the Chaos

Sometimes during the summer, when there is no particular race to train for, we get a little lost. We skip days, we move workouts around, or we do the wrong workouts and get ourselves hurt. While the added rest is often helpful, no point to your training can cause some real problems. Here what you do, if you haven’t yet revved up the training for an early fall race, pick a short race like a local 5k that is happening soon, preferably 4-5 weeks away. Focus on specifically training for that race. Now if your training has been super sporadic over the summer do not dive right back in. Slowly work your way back into a routine that is specific for that race. If you have been running consistently all summer with no specific goal, start adding some workouts that will help you. Slowly work in some speed work. Try some fartleks and add some tempo stuff. Even if your goal race isn’t until late fall, or early winter/spring having a specific race to train for will get you back into the right mindset!

Fluid Structure

While we all want to be professional runners, where our only job is to push products on social media and train for international races. The truth we all have jobs and families that require our attention and take priority over that Boston qualifying time looming in late fall. Make sure that your fall training has structure and specific goals (as I mentioned above). But also make sure that it isn’t so rigid that you have to skip workouts because of “life”. There should be some movement in your schedule. Now this doesn’t mean that every little thing that comes up should require a massive shake-up in your week, or shortening or changing of workouts. Remember that reaching your goals will require some dedication and some sacrifice but your training plan shouldn’t make you stressed for time or put unnecessary pressure on you at your job or home.

Dreams and goals

In order to reach your dreams you have to first set some goals. Goals should be the stepping-stones to get you to your dream. All your goals should be attainable and realistic, even if the dream doesn’t seem to be either. Set short-term and long-term goals and make sure they all put you on the path to your dream. It may sound crazy at the time, but dreams can come true if you have the audacity to chase them!

The Rest

The most important part of any training plan is rest. There is no successful training plan that does not include planned rest. Be active about your recuperation! Foam roll, strengthen your body, use ice bath and compression. While resting is sometimes seen as overrated or counterproductive, the truth is it will be the reason you make huge strides in training!


So tell me what are your goals for the upcoming racing season? Are you shooting for a goal race, or time? Happy running!

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